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delta h - Team Dr Martin Holland Martin has more than 9 years of experience in the field of hydrogeology,  ranging from resource evaluation, contaminant assessment, flow  conceptualisation and geochemical characterisation of groundwater. He  completed his M.Sc. (with distinction) and Ph.D. degrees in Engineering  and Environmental Geology at the University of Pretoria. His Ph.D.  thesis on, the geologic and geomorphologic influences on borehole  productivity in crystalline bedrock aquifers of Limpopo Province, aids as  a working reference for future rural groundwater development  programmes. He also conducted numerous groundwater related -  environmental impact, -feasibility and -water supply studies for the  mining industry. He is currently focusing on groundwater flow and  contaminant transport modelling. Prof Kai T Witthüser  Kai has more than 17 years of experience years experience in  hydrogeology, specialising in environmental impact assessments,  hydrogeological and geochemical modelling. Kai lectured at the  University of Bonn (Germany, 3 years) and Pretoria (South Africa, 5  years), before becoming a director and groundwater specialist of Water  Geosciences Consulting in 2006. The company merged in 2010 with  Metago SLR. He is Associated Professor at the Institute for Groundwater  Studies, University of the Free State since 2009. Countries of work  experience include Austria, Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo,  Denmark, Germany, India, Israel, Morocco, Namibia, Slovenia, South  Africa and Tanzania. Ms Helen Seyler Helen has over 8 years experience as a hydrogeologist, including  experience in various aspects of groundwater resources management,  and specializing in numerical modelling for water resource quantification  and scenario planning, wellfield operating rules, surface water -  groundwater interactions, and the groundwater aspects for mining EIAs.  Helen is keenly interested in social and economic development  challenges as they relate to resources management, and in the linked  considerations such as the water-energy-food nexus, environmental  protection, and institutional and governance structures. Prior to 2006,  Helen completed her studies in the UK (Oxford University and  Birmingham University), and is currently conducting PhD research in  groundwater decision support systems including sustainability indicators  for groundwater use. Prof Christoph König  Christoph has 26 years experience in numerical modelling of  groundwater flow, specialising in mass transport, multi component-,  seepage water, multi phase- and fissure flow. Christoph lectures since  1992 at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany. He developed over the  last 28 years the program system SPRING and is the director of delta h  Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH Germany and GKW Ingenieurgesellschaft.  Beyond his consulting work, he is actively involved in national and  international research projects focussing on numerical modelling of multi  component and multi phase transport in porous and fractured aquifers.  
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